Things to know about Citizen Amendment Bill as ,anti CAB protests intensifies in Assam and other parts of country

The Citizenship (Amendment) Bill,  was passed by the Rajya Sabha on Wednesday, As many as 125 lawmakers voted in the favour of the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill and 99 against it. 

Here are some important things you should know about Citizenship Amendment bill before siding with any party.

What is CAB or Citizenship (Amendment) Bill 2019?

The Bill,seeks to amend the definition of illegal immigrant for Hindu, Sikh, Parsi, Buddhist and Christian immigrants from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh, who have lived in India without documentation. They will be granted fast-track Indian citizenship in 6 years. So far 12 years of residence has been the standard eligibility require .

The legislation applies to those who were “forced or compelled to seek shelter in India due to persecution on the ground of religion”. It aims to protect such people from proceedings of illegal migration. The cut-off date for citizenship is December 31, 2014, which means the applicant should have entered India on or before that date. Indian citizenship, under present law, is given either to those born in India or if they have resided in the country for a minimum of 11 years.The Bill also proposes to incorporate a sub-section (d) to Section 7, providing for cancellation of Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) registration where the OCI card-holder has violated any provision of the Citizenship Act or any other law in force.

Why is opposition against CAB Bill 2019?

Well ,the opposition says the bill discriminates against Muslims and violates the right to equality enshrined in the Constitution.

What the Supporters of CAB have to say ?

The supporters of the bill are of the opinion that no such discriminatory policy is being followed by  allowing citizenship to persecuted minorities of these nations. The point to be noted here is that all the above mentioned  countries are Islamic nations and hence the Sikhs,Hindus,Parsi,Buddhist,Christians fall under the minorities religion there not the Muslims.

When running away from religious persecution Muslims can easily find refugee in Islamic nations but these communities have nowhere to go.

Another point the supporters of the bill make is that this amendment in no way is saying that if someone from majority religion calls for help or citizenship they would not be granted one. The bill is just to make life of these poor people who have been running away because of religious persecution easier.

So why are there anti CAB protests in Assam ?

The outrage against CAB has been the most intense in Assam. The protests stem from the fear that illegal Bengali Hindu migrants from Bangladesh, will threaten the cultural and linguistic identities of the state. First of all one should not hurry to term anyone running from persecution or for their life illegals. Till they are not resorting to stealing ,killing or any such illegal acts and working hard to earn their living there’s no reason to demean them by calling them illegals.

The notion that if a community is allowed to stay in particular area they destroy the cultural and linguistic identity is pretty baseless and far fetched. Since both states(Assam and Bangladesh) have historically shared parts as borders ,there’s always been linguistic and cultural intermixing among st people. A quick recap of how human civilisation progressed would quickly make you realize that languages and culture are continually evolving and mixing.


As such CAB won’t apply to areas under the sixth schedule of the Constitution – which deals with autonomous tribal-dominated regions in Assam, Meghalaya, Tripura and Mizoram. The bill will also not apply to states that have the inner-line permit regime (Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland and Mizoram).

In fact as per Indian constitution tribes  from all Indian states be it Assam,south or west are given reservation in collages and educational institutions.If citizens from other states start giving the same logic while assimilating people from North East and Assam , the whole concept of India as a united country would size to exist.

The bill nowhere says that the native Muslims would be impacted or their citizenship be cancelled by introduction of CAB. If someone is staying in India and born in India they have some sort of government IDs,so the idea that because of religion they would be striped of citizenship is preposterous.


Its sad that some parties can go to extreme lengths to spread misinformation .The recent attacks on students in JMU is clear indicator who bears the burnt of such incidents. Meanwhile students all over India came in support for JMu students.

Students Across the Country Protest Police Violence in Jamia Millia

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