Dowry Horror:Nails, hair ripped out, 22-year-old thrown on railway tracks

Nails, hair ripped out, 22-year-old thrown on railway tracks for dowry

Bihar:The social evil of dowry doesn’t seem to get rooted out ‘from Indian society .No matter what the governments tries ,some men and their families think its their right to extort dowry from brides.Some even term is as their culture and say its the maintenance money they deserve for the marriage.In a fresh case a 22 year old was tortured by in laws ,nails pulled out,branded with heated rods for dowry. When she felt unconscious she was left on train track to die.

After gaining consciousness, the victim sought help from others and was rushed to a nearby hospital.

The woman was in critical condition. According to doctors, the woman was grievously wounded and was injured in seven places, and suffered burns in several parts of her body.The woman said that her husband demanded Rs 2 lakh and bike for dowry, for which he was pressurizing her for a while. When the money was not given to him, he along with his family started to torture the woman.