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Fans Verdict WWE Wrestle Mania35 live upto its hype

 WWE Wrestle Mania35 lives upto the hype

If you though WWE and wrestle mania is dead and all people are aware of the trick of the trade,then this would surprise you. WWE Wrestle Mania 35 went out to be huge success.Fans of WWE Wrestle Mania35 poured their heart out on twitter posting pictures of event.The verdict is that the event lived upto its hype.

WWE announced an attendance of 82,265 as WrestleMania became the highest-grossing entertainment event in MetLife Stadium history with an announced $16.9 million in gross revenue. Major attractions were Becky Lynch prevailing over Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair.Triple H defeating Bautista.KofiMania ran wild as Kofi Kingston’s WWE Championship victory instantly became one of the most emotional moments WrestleMania history. Meanwhile, Seth Rollins is your new WWE Universal champion while Kurt Angle came up short in his farewell match.


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