Global City Virar West: Dead Body found in septic tank

Slated to be a posh township in Vasai-Virar region,area Rustomjee Global City(Virar West) that comes under Arnala Police Thane,seems to be in news for all wrong reasons again. Just last year a young girl was knocked off in broad day light by water tanker truck and an elderly woman murdered. Again the township went to shock when pieces of human flesh were found in septic tank.Residents of Bachraj Paradise C wing were having problems with sewage /drainage system for a while ,when the pipeline and septic tanks were checked.Human flesh was found floating as per the police.Touted as safest region in Virar by some of its contractors and builders,residents are in for surprise and scared at the moment. Apparently quite a few Cops and junior judges also own houses in same area.So people are very curious how such incidents take place so easily.Some residents though still complain of non availability of network and 100 number from certain flats and locations in the area.We hope the cops work on that and also take the complaints of the residents more seriously.The Arnala thane is notoriously known for not taking complaints of single women or tenants seriously though.Some people have also complained that their FIR were not taken seriously because they were from other states. We do understand that police are busy however any person who takes an initiative to go and complain is trying to just do his or her bit keep society safe and doing that to burden you.As per the social structure we have as of now Police is the only way for common Indian people( who are not allowed to own arms)when they feel threatened or want a resolution.

Source: Bhaskar