Hindus not allowed to vote in West Bengal’s Raiganj

Hindus denied voting in West Bengal village.

West Bengal Raiganj :In what might appear to be straight out of eighties bollywood movies ,an on air expose by timesnow shows hindu  not being allowed to vote in WBs village Raiganj. In the video villagers keep complaining that they were threatened by goons and not allowed to enter the polling booth. The reporter goes ahead to ask the respective in-charge however he  non nonchalantly replies no such thing has happened ,there’s a TMC political party worker sitting inside polling booth which is against the rules set by EC. On further prodding it comes to light that fake people were made to vote instead of real id holders.The video seems to adding more fire to already deteriorating image of Mamta Banerjee governed West Bengal. One of the village residents said: “I was stopped from going to the polling booth. Four to five Muslim men tried to beat me and damage my bicycle. They said you are from the BJP and asked me to run away.”

The village in question has majority muslim population and some 600 hindu families also reside there. Interestingly Mamta Banerjees slogan is ” Ma, Manus,Maati”.If your party workers are not allowing people to even cast their vote,how is that serving any Manus??Hindu people are also “Manus” please listen to them as well.