MP: 12-year-old girl raped and beheaded

In what seems to have become a daily occurance,there’s yet another news of a minor being raped and then murdered.A 12 year old girl was apparently raped and then beheaded by her own relatives(brothers and uncle ) at MP’s(Sagar).As per the police the relatives first lied and tried to blame someone else from the village.However police say they  later found out the uncle and brothers raped her when she was returning from tution classes.When she revolted they murdered her.It’s shameful how laws police and punishment seems to be no deterrent for people with such heinous tendencies.We as a society seriously need to introspect how are we going to protect the weaker gender and minors of society from such crimes. Holding up placards seems to be clearly not working.

The police said her body was found beheaded outside her village of Berkhedi on March 14.

Source: Madhya Pradesh: 12-year-old girl raped, beheaded by her uncle and brothers in Sagar, say police

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