Philip Kotler’s maiden Modi tweet sends twitter in tizzy

When a Marketing Maverick and author of famous management books tweets about a political figure,its sure to create flutter online. So it happened that acclaimed Management and marketing guru tweeted and congratulated PM Modi for winning a world famous award. This resulted in quite a commotion amongst twitter people and opposition parties in India.Volley of tweets were exchanged on twitter with opposition doubting the authenticity of awards.

Later Mr.Kotler had to clarify his tweet, on why he choose PM Modi. Frequently referred to as father of modern day marketing, Kotler has set up The World Marketing Summit (WMS), billed as an independent global organization, which presented the award to the prime minister on Monday.

A Kotler Leadership Award leader is one who:

  • believes in representative government and in social justice.
  • believes that a good society will build a healthy business climate.
  • encourages businesses to practice the triple bottom line, namely to balance profits, people, and the planet in their deliberations.
  • sincerely and wholeheartedly works for the Common Good.

He said “On these criteria, Prime Minister Modi stood the highest.  He has improved his country’s image and visibility on the global stage. A committee in the WMS voted on possible leaders given the above criteria.  The final decision was mine.”

Our PMO has been touring and meeting international dignitaries world over.Social media has become a very powerful tool in last few years,the same time his party is in power.And of-course hes utilizing it with care. Mr. Kotler shared the example of France and the yellow Vest movement with the situation we have in India.His point being India has a positive image (to the outside world) under the leadership of PM Modi.

India Today’s deep dive into Philip Kotler’s Twitter handle reveals the 87-year-old professor at the Illinois-based Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management has made no mention of the Indian prime minister or the Indian government ever before.

Source: Philip Kotler’s maiden Modi tweet follows his maiden award!