Rakhi Sawant’s Jibe at Cricketer Hardik Pandya

Love her or hate her Rakhi Sawant knows how to turn the limelight towards her .When Rakhi Sawant was recently asked about the Hardik Pandya incident at a event her answer was hilarious.She put out a question to Hardik Pandya


Rakhi’s Sawants question to Hardik

“Abhi abhi humare cricketer ne, Hardik Pandya ji ne kahan tha ki mai ladki ko peeche se dekhta hun aur agar mujhe peeche acha lagta hai toh mai jaake Maa ko bolta hun ki aaj may karke aaya hun. Mujhe bohot dukh hua yeh sunke. But Hardik Ji, kabhi kabhi ladka bhii peeche se acha dikhta hai. Toh kya karoge?”

Translation: (“Recently one of our Indian cricketers Hardik Pandya said that he likes to watch the ladies from behind. And if he likes it then he tells his mom at home that today he got some. I was very hurt after listening his speech. But Hardik, sometimes even men /boys look nice from behind what will you do in such a case?”) she asked with a straight face.