Scientist trying to find ways to increase mosquito libido?

The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that illnesses transmitted by mosquitoes have become a major threat to global public health.

In its report titled ‘Global strategy for dengue prevention and control 2012-2020’, WHO says that nearly 50-100 million dengue infections are reported every year. In the past 50 years, dengue cases rose by 30 per cent globally.Those figures are just for dengue,not chikunguyna or Zika.Zika has posed a real threat in recent timesSo why are scientists trying to increase libido of mosquitoes? Watch the video to know more

The problem with the above technology is that the lab bred sterilized mosquitoes have low libido and lesser life span .Due the this their success in mating with wild female mosquitoes is very limited.Hence scientist are posed with challenges of increasing the libido and life span of lab bred mosquitoes.Till scientist are trying to figure that out how about saving good old friends frogs !!!

Source :Horny mosquitoes in high demand