Sexual Harassment allegations against Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi by former employee

Former Court employee alleges sexual harassment by CJI

In what shocked most of the nation,a former court employee levied sexual and mental harassment allegations against Chief Justice of India.On 19 April, a junior court assistant and a former employee in Gogoi’s office sent a complaint-letter attached with a detailed affidavit to 22 Judges of the Supreme Court, narrating a series of events, detailing how CJI Gogoi had allegedly sexually harassed her. Her resistance to his advances, were allegedly followed by professional targeting, harassment for her family and criminal cases. The staffer even alleges that in an old autocratic style of  metting out punishment she was made to rub her nose on ground by CJIs wife and asked to say sorry .

Four web portals – Wire, Leaflet, Caravan and Scroll first published the reports and asked courts to take notice of the case. CJI sternly denied the allegations. He said bigger force appeared to be behind a conspiracy to destabilize judiciary.

however him heading the bench that was supposed to hear the case raised many eyebrows.

Indira Jaising A prominent  Senior Advocate penned down her views highlighting major flaws in the way case was being handled.

Jaising said that she “fails to understand” why a special bench was constituted on a Saturday and why the Chief Justice himself was a part of the bench.


No man can be a judge in his own cause after all. Why he handpicked one of the junior most judges Justice Sanjeev Khana who leapfrogged over 33 judges senior to him? Why were the seniormost judges not chosen if at all a Bench was to be constituted today? Why could this not wait till Monday? Indira Jaising noted that there is no procedure to enquire into sexual harassment allegations against a Chief Justice and hence the complainant is entitled to demand an impartial high-power investigation.


As purported by some people that this incident was an attempt to malign the name of Supreme Court .She says

A fair probe would be  is needed in interest of maintaining the credibility of the institution as a whole.”

The senior advocate was also perplexed by the role the government had to play in this and why CJI Gogoi was defended by the Attorney General and Solicitor General of India.

Violation of procedure Handling of case

The hearing in open court saw the Chief Justice of India orally remark on the complaint

Sporadic instances of insubordination by an employee, who otherwise has a good track record, do not justify dismissal under ordinary circumstances.

She rightly points out that just because someones holding a high designation or in an uniform,they do not  cease to be above law or be praised as Gods. Also allegations need to be proved to hold true.We should not be playing judges ourselves and let the time tell.

The incident sure makes us question many things we just accept without questioning.However can we say that if not so financially strong people are finding courage to speak up ,its a good sign for democracy?

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