Should Sadhavi Pragya Thakur’s candidature really shock us?

Bhopal has become one of the most-keenly followed Lok Sabha constituencies in the 2019 election,thanks to candidature of Sadhavi Pragya Thakur. She’s been named accused in 2008 Malegaon blast case.However is that really surprising ,considering the fact that majority of male politicians of India have criminal records .Half of the people criticizing her seem to  causally forgetting or unaware of the records of their own favorites .People have been zealously supporting such politicians regardless of religion or region. As per few reports one in 3 MPS have criminals  case against them.

In 2018 as per central report 36 percent of MLAs and MPS were facing criminal trials and this report would be much higher if Mahrashtra and Goa state declared their share of criminal records.

Actually no party can take a moral high here because list of tainted ministers is long.Even the present CM of MP Mr. Kamal Nath has been accused by some in 1984 Sikh Riots.

So is her candidature surprising just because shes a female accused?

Since she is still not convicted like her other fellow politicians she has all the right to contest election. She has her side of story where she claims she was falsely implicated by police and brutally tortured.Her controversial comment against  Mumbai IPS chief Hemant Karkare has garnered quite a bit resentment from people.

However there’s a side that seems to sympathizing with her too.Cases like Ishrat Jahan encounter have brought to light shady way investigative agencies work.A lot of people seem to have lost faith in policing system too.For sure very confusing times for voters in MP.

What are your views?Did the news even shock you?