Valentines day and thoughts that go through the minds of singles

So its Valentines week again and love is in the air atleast thats what they say.Couples are busy buying gifts while singles are trying to test their luck.If you are the third type who loaths Valentines day, making funny and satirical memes should be your game. Here’s compilation of some funny memes that would make you laugh.

That look on the face says it all.Please do not pester singles .

Single people

Thoughts in your mind when even your Baba Ram Dev lookalike friend has a girlfriend and talks about kiss day!!

Ye bhi yoga hai!!

When you are reminded of how broke you are and last girlfriend who ditched you.Sonam Gupta bewafa hai was your only rescue !!!

When you start questioning your existence and some friend suggests yoga.


You try to reason up why girls should date you.


You get defensive

Valentine- Day-memes3

Some friend suggests a great revenge !!


Ultimately Yoga se hi hoga!!!


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